Goat distribution to person living with HIV

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For the enterprises support of people living with HIV at Aathabis Municipality ward no 3, 6 and 8 total 68 goats have been distributed by Social Service Center (SOSEC) Nepal, Dailekh under SACAR project supported by DCA and in collaboration and mutual fund with Aathabis Municipality.

The program was held on 10th September 2018. 17 beneficiaries from ward no 3, 6, and 8 four goats to each beneficiaries was distributed. Goat was purchased by the purchased committee established at the community. Mr. Mukti Prasad Upadhyaya chairperson of the ward no 8 was the chairperson of the committee. Likewise chairperson of ward 1, 6 veterinary technician Mr Kushal Thapa were the members of the committee.

Total 68 goat worth NRs. 578,000 was distributed to 17 people those living with HIV. For the program NRs 2, 80,000 was mutually funded by Aathabis Municipality. Beside goat support 5 remaining people living with HIV on those wards will be receiving grocery shop and hotel material as enterprises support through SACAR project in nearest day.

Khadga Raj Upadhyaya Mayor of Aathabis Municipality and also the chairperson of the distribution program requested beneficiaries to take goat farming professionally as the area has been declared pocket area for goat farming by Government. He added ownership should be taken and wished this support will help them in living and income generation. Likewise, Mukti Upadhyaya chairperson of ward 8 and chairperson of purchase committee cleared about the budget source and expenditure made. Kushal Thapa Veterinary Technician of Municipality and member of purchase committee told about the benefit and expenditure made on insurance of goat. He cleared about the process of insurance and claim on needed to beneficiaries.

“Such kind of activities will help people living with poverty and suffering, in income generation and living. In hard time they would be able to have cash for their need. They can foster their profession and have more income in future for which organization will be working in close coordination with Aathabis Municipality. Organization will be carrying out similar type of activities to support poor, marginalized, women and children for their better living.” Mr. Hira Singh Thapa chairperson of SOSEC Nepal, Dailekh said.



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